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Newborn Photography Workshop
When I look back at the photos of when my own children were newborns, I always find myself drawn to the images that are lighter and more airy.  I love the timeless feeling of images with less distraction. I love that they are simple and minimal yet they capture the beauty of the subject being photographed.  I invite you to join me for a fresh and lighter approach to newborn photography where we will spend an intensive day covering all aspects of newborn portraiture.  This workshop will provide you with the opportunity to see my approach to natural light newborn photography and it will give you the opportunity to elevate your current skill set along with helping you to take your own business to a higher level.

During the workshop, we will cover the following:

  • preparing for a session;
  • setting up for the session;
  • the use of natural light;
  • proper camera techniques;
  • set up and transitioning through a variety of shots (including posing on the bean bag, prop shots and posing the newborn with parents);
  • methods for soothing the newborn;
  • post processing techniques;
  • digital workflow;
  • my personal business tips and practices and
  • Q&A

Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to build a professional community with your peers that are also in attendance at the workshop. Your professional community will have a private Facebook group to safely communicate with and support one another. These private groups have proven to be an invaluable resource to students in past workshops I have taught. Previous attendees are still supporting one another through their private Facebook pages on a daily basis! Along with everything mentioned above, you will also receive my Complete Action Set that I use in processing every single image I edit. The set includes my Newborn Basics Action, Newborn Sweetness Action, Newborn Softness Action and my Tranquility Action Set.

The workshop is intended for professional photographers who own a DSLR and know how to use it. You must be comfortable shooting in manual mode (it is assumed you will have a basic understanding of aperture, shutter speed and iso) and have a working knowledge of Photoshop. When you come for the workshop, I ask that you bring your DSLR camera and manual, 50mm and/or 35mm lens, memory cards and extra batteries for your camera. I shoot with a Nikon D3S and utilize the following lenses: 50mm 1.4, 35mm 1.4 and my 60mm 2.8 macro.

**Check Back For Future Workshop Dates**