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Workshop & Mentoring Session Reviews

Newborn Photography Workshop Julie RollinsWhat a great way to start my year! My 1:1 workshop experience with Julie was so great! I am a single mom on a budget- and couldn’t decide whether to signup for the group workshop or the 1:1 – but at the end the 1:1 was the best option for me and it was worth it! I didn’t feel like I had to “keep up” with the group because it was just Julie and I. It was my questions, at my pace. Watching Julie was so welcoming and inspirational, I left so motivated and inspired to keep on going in my own journey. And the added bonus of being added to her Facebook group is just priceless! I love knowing that she is just a message away from a questions, or sharing something, or just to keep in touch!

- Paulina -

Julie Rollin’s Newborn Posing Workshop is amazing! Julie is so open, helpful, supportive, and knowledgeable when it comes to the ins and outs of newborn photography. More and more you encounter people who are secretive and competitive in the photography field; Julie is the exact opposite! She is like an open book and such a supportive teacher. During the workshop, she made sure to answer every one’s questions and the environment was so calm and organized. I loved being a part of her workshop and highly recommend it to others! I actually want to go again!

- Cristy -

Julie Rollins Newborn Photography Workshop

Julie is an amazing photographer and mentor! I always thought of her as “The Baby Whisperer”, and since mentoring with her, my clients have started calling me “The Baby Whisperer” as well! The mentoring session is worth every penny and has improved my newborn photography tremendously!

- Lauren -

I’m so grateful that I was able to attend Julie’s workshop in Dallas. I was able to implement an overload of knowledge/experience once I came back to the studio. Julie is not only an amazing photographer but her passion she has is something to learn from any other photographer. Can not wait to go to the next one that’s in my area.

- Amanda -

The workshop is amazing and I am so glad that I took your course.  It was a wonderful experience and helped me gain a lot of knowledge on what I need to do in order to start my career. I am so happy I attended this workshop and I would recommend it to any photographer who would like to learn more about newborn photography. Thank you Julie!

- Sammi -

Newborn Photography Workshop

Inspiring, informative, insightful- these are just a few works that come to mind after spending the day with Julie at her Newborn Inspired workshop. It was amazing to watch her take everyday objects and turn them into art. To watch from start to finish- as the baby arrived, as the baby was prepared, as the baby was posed and soothed, then photographed and finally, as the image was edited was truly inspiring. I learned invaluable little tips and tricks that I will use every time I shoot a newborn.

- Kristine -

I’m thrilled to have been able to attend Julie’s Canada workshop, it was money very well spent.  I feel like I got what I wanted out of the workshop and I got to meet lots of lovely ladies with the same passion that I have. I hope we will continue to stay friends, and maybe future business helpers, there are so many babies out there, plenty for everybody! Thank you Julie

- Suzzie -

Newborn Workshop Los Angeles

Julie is a absolute doll! She is super friendly and was a open book at our workshop. She made me feel so welcome and I was not afraid to ask her any questions. I have always followed Julie’s work and I feel so blessed that this was the year I would be able to attend her workshop. I felt like a little kid when I walked into her studio. It was absolutely amazing. After attending my workshop with her I feel like I am able to offer my clients more images in there gallery that what I would before attending the workshop. I learned to get several different angles and shots with each simple setup. She taught some simple techniques that I never thought about using. I can’t wait to use the tools I learned from her workshop. I would highly recommend attending her workshop if you want to take your newborns skills to the next level.

- Celesa -

Photography Workshop Los Angeles

Julie is truly a talented photographer who is passionate about newborns. I am so grateful that she wants to teach others so there can be a community where we all can share and become better at our craft! I loved that she showed a variety of poses from wrapping, poses on the beanbag, in a prop and even outside. I learned all sorts of tricks such as putting rice in socks to tapping the baby to release tension and let us more easily pose them! I love that in our workshop she showed how to use reflectors in lower overcast days which is mostly what we get in our area! Also, it was such a treat that she gave us her hand crafted PS actions. My favorites are getting rid of the red and painting on the black in the background. Thank you so much Julie for coming to Canada to share with us your passion. It was an honor to have you.

- Jeannine -

Julie’s newborn workshop was amazing! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in newborn photography or curious to see how a successful studio is run and managed. She gave us so much insight on newborn posing, workflow, editing, business practices and everything else we asked her. It shows that she deeply cares about her craft and her students and she was an open book sharing her experience and knowledge with us. Thank you so much, Julie!!!

- Nadine -

Newborn Inspired workshop

Julie’s workshop is worth my weight in gold!! Trust me, that’s a lot of weight! Julie is sincere and excited to share her talents and skills with other aspiring photographers. Her workshop is focused on newborn photography but I was able to take away soooo much more! I am a Senior Photographer and through the workshop I was able to take away so many great techniques in shooting and post processing that carry over to my senior photography. Julie’s workshop is without a doubt the most informative workshop I have attended.

Now that the workshop is over, she is still willing and excited to help me with questions I have come up with. Oh, have I mentioned she gave us all of her Photoshop Actions? I call these the “secret sauce” of photo editing. They are absolutely amazing! Not only were these included with the workshop but Julie also explains in detail exactly how to use them. My mind was blown when I saw the difference these Actions can make when utilized correctly. I would absolutely take Julie Rollins’ workshop again. I could take it 10 times and still learn something new every time. I recommend it to any and every photographer. Thank you Julie for being the talented, caring, selfless person you are!!

- Kara -

Los Angeles Newborn Photography Workshop

I want to say you were an amazing open book and gave a lot of business knowledge that most would never share. Much of what you offered has taken me time to “find out” and discover. This is amazing knowledge to some fresh starting out that attended the workshop. I think you are very generous and clearly you have a great mind for your business as it has grown quickly by leaps and bounds! Your passion was clear and evident. I appreciate all that you invested in your craft and allowing us the time to peek into your day.

- Stevie -

 Amazing. Inspirational. Warm. Open. Professional. I could go on and on about my recent 1:1 mentoring session with Julie. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more and I am truly looking forward to utilizing my new skills in my own studio with my clients. Julie really went out of her way to help me feel comfortable in her studio and was an open book. She shared so much great information, tips and tricks.  I left feeling inspired and excited and I would not hesitate to recommend a 1:1 session to other photographers, both new and established.  Thanks Julie, I will be forever grateful.

- Cora -


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